Cape Lazo RV & Campground is located in the Town of Comox.  The Town of Comox has a by-law against “backyard burning” to help air quality in the Comox Valley.  This means that anyone in the Town of Comox can not have a back yard fire, campfire, or burn yard waste at any time.  

As we are a campground, we have been given a special by-law (#1856) in which we are able to have campfires between May 15 – September 15.  Our Fire Permit allows us to only have fires between those dates from 4pm – 11pm.

If we want to keep our fire permit active, we require your help in following our by-law and permit rules.

The rules to follow are:  You must be 16 years or older to have a fire; you can only burn clean seasoned wood, no drift wood or construction wood; you can not leave the fire unattended; you must make sure the fire is put out with water, not left smoldering; fires must be out by 11pm; fires can not exceed 1m;